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Bali Ambience
Still Life
Oil Painting Effect

Camille Scott

Camille is a professional animal photographer, still life photographer and a landscape photographer. Her passion is for spending time with the Bali Dogs and wildlife on the beautiful island of Nusa Penida.

Her time on the island has made her aware of the often horrendous conditions many of the stray dogs survive in, and having documented the amazing work of Kadek Widada - the island's only vet - she recognized a dire need for something to be done.

Kadek does not have a vet clinic, and lacks a lot of basic equipment. In fact, most of his work requires him to catch the dogs with sedated bait or darts, and to perform surgery on them quite literally anywhere. Camille has witnessed him performing steralizations on steps, in fields, on makeshift benches - often on his knees and in 40 degree heat.

Funding for a vet clinic will take years to raise funds for and build, there was an obvious need for something to be done sooner. The idea for the Sanctuary for the Bali Dogs of Nusa Penida was born - a place where dogs in need could receive the treatment, food, safe shelter and love they so desperately need. Located in Brisbane Australia, it was impossible for Camille to realize the dream. After a year of fundraising and talking with island locals, she teamed up with Jacquie Scull - an ex pat who calls the island her home - was able to make the dream a reality through her knowledge of local culture and absolutely tireless work. 

The Sanctuary is now called Batman's Dog House, named in honor of Jacquie's first island dog who was cruely poisoned and died in 2020. 

10% of proceeds go to supporting the bali dogs of nusa penida