FREE Studio Classic Photography Sessions for All Wonderful Humans who Choose to Rescue a Dog

To help raise awareness, & to encourage people to adopt a rescue dog, I am offering FREE photography sessions valued at $134.


This Includes:

  • one 45 minute session in my Salisbury Studios
  • one 8” x 10” True Photo Quality Print
  • two 5” x 7” True Photo Quality Prints

You get to choose from a variety of original & quality backdrops, and have fun with your new friend in our calm and welcoming environment. 

Don’t worry if your new friend for life is a bit timid/shy/boisterous/untrained – we are great at working with all types of dogs & personalities and aim to capture the very best photos showing their true characters and beautiful souls.

And YES! Humans are welcome to be in the photos too. 

What a great way to celebrate welcoming your new furry friend into your loving home.


How to qualify

Simply contact any registered Animal Rescue Group and adopt a dog! (or cat or bird or horse...) The rewards are AMAZING; you receive endless love, companionship & premium butt-wiggles.

Or, if you have rescued in the past 3 months, you qualify. 

You will also be required to provide your rescue details when booking your photography session. 


This offer does not apply to animals brought via Gumtree and other online forums, including newspaper advertising nor purchases from breeders.  

Suggested Rescue Groups

This list of Animal Rescue Groups will be added to as I find more. It's a good place to start:


Friends Of The Hound

Friends Of The Hound is a non-profit group dedicated to the adoption and rehousing of greyhounds. 

You can contact Friends of the Hound via their website:

Best Friends Rescue

Best Friends Rescue is a non-profit group dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and cats on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. 

You can contact Best Friends Rescue via their website:

Staffies United Rescue

Staffies United Rescue (SUR) is a not for profit dog rescue. We are entirely managed and run by volunteers. We are dedicated to helping Staffies in need, improving the breed's reputation and we are highly committed to educating the community about responsible pet ownership. 

You can contact Staffies United Rescue via their website:

Deathrow Unchained Animal rescue

Fighting to save all animals from death row, neglect and abuse. Saving lives from pounds around Australia and re-homing. Adopt don't shop!

You can contact Deathrow Unchained via their Facebook page:

If you'd like your Animal Rescue Group to be included here, please contact me on 0414 19 33 55 or click here to send me an email. I look forward to working with you to help find loving homes for these gorgeous 4-legged souls.

Q. I don't see R.S.P.C.A. listed here. Why's that?

A. Good question. I'm all about the under dog. RSPCA spends thousands & thousands of dollars each year on quality advertising, events, fundraising, etc. I'd like to think they've got it covered. And has anyone not heard of them? I'm helping to promote these smaller groups, just as worthy and dedicated, to make a difference in their cause & work.